$aoc Cash


memes, laughs & education

Earn Your Fees With $AOC

$AOC will offer classes on how to become a farmooorrrrr

Token Burns

We'll Burn Water Before We Burn A Token.

Limited in Supply

Only 70 Trillion Tokens Will Ever Exist

$AOC Ecosystem

Information Hub.

No Roadmap
Memes and Education

The Countdown

From Now Until The End Of Time $AOC Will Aim To Provide Value In More Ways Than One

Liquidity Locked

We have locked 100% of the total supply of $AOC. Verify locked liquidity here.

Tokens Burned

We Not Burning Any Tokens Ever. Wanna Burn Something Go Burn Your Fiat.

$AOC Farming

Classes coming soon

Proof Of Memes

$AOC Is Powered By The Power Of Memetics.

Finite Max Supply

Only 70 Triilion $AOC Tokens Will Ever Exist

Community Driven

This project is fueled by the community for the community. Join $AOC today and be a part of history.

100% Decentralized

By The Use Of Smart Contracts On The Ethereum Chain Everything Is Achived Without A Middleman or Team.

Community Fund

Ten Trillion Tokens Exist In A Community Fund To Be Used As The Community Deems Via A Fair Voting System.


How to buy.

The only place to buy or sell $AOC safely is from Uniswap.

$AOC on Etherscan: 0xba6df93ea9d0bf3b2c776799acea3d230fb22a28

$AOC on DexTools: Pair Explorer


Development in progress.

$AOC is 100% a community driven project,
making unstoppable progress with the power of memes.

Launch of $aoc Cash


Launch of the $AOC token.

Listing on Top Exchanges


Listings on DEXes.

$aoc Cash Airdops


Promo airdrop for early commers.

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